Running a business should be an expansive journey, not an exhausting one.

As an entrepreneur, you may be used to wearing all the hats, but you’ve realized you can't do it all alone anymore. That's where we come in...

We create the space you need to rest, recharge, and create in your business. We believe in giving entrepreneurs the ability to seamlessly blend business life and personal life with the strategy and support that fits their business needs!

Meet Imani DaCosta


Born & Raised in New York City, Imani DaCosta, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in September 2021. In less than two years, she transformed her business into an agency, built a team of five talented individuals, launched "The Organized Mom" podcast, and established herself as a trusted soul-led entrepreneur.

While dedicating less than 20 hours per week to her business, Imani successfully learned to create sustainable structures for her business and her personal life. Those same structures allowed her to scale with ease, while simultaneously raising a neurodivergent toddler and an infant.

Imani DaCosta & Co. has supported & educated over 50+ small businesses owners and entrepreneurs.


If you find yourself unsure of what you truly need to move your business forward, this session is for YOU. From systems, marketing, hiring, budgeting, or client management, Imani can help you effectively integrate tools in a way that feels good for YOU!

For the creative entrepreneur that knows its time to outsource in order to expand + for the small business owner that is tired of trying to figure it out all alone and is finally ready to recieve assistance!

Discover a transparent community where new and aspiring online business managers and virtual assistants thrive. Our community educates & empowers you to effortlessly start and scale your sustainable online business.

I was struggling to expand. I met Imani while I was actively grieving and I needed help with my business coaching program. I couldn't think about doing any of the administration work while I was showing up for my clients.

Imani has changed my life. I'm HORRIBLE at asking for help, but she's always so proactive with asking me how she can best support me. She helps hold me accountable. She reminds me of my worth. She pushes me to strategize and be more efficient. I really appreciate the way she has helped me expand, simply by giving me more mental, emotional, and energetic capacity.

I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about growing their business. I choose to work with Imani, not only for her VA skills, but her strategical abilities. This is definitely something I think every one of her soul clients should take advantage of - her brain is as beautiful as she is.



Trauma-informed healer and coach


Although very successful we were quite disorganized! Imani has helped me stay focused and filter my thoughts. I do have a lot of great ideas, but it's about executing them properly and using my time efficiently by having proper systems and operations in place which the business was lacking. Having Imani there to support takes a lot of the stress away! A lot of tasks that will take me days, sometimes even weeks, Imani is able to do it in a fraction of the time. I've seen her do tasks that’s taken me days to complete, be done in 10 minutes. I have a lot of my time back; her help allows me to stay in my creative. I’m able to get sleep now!

I would recommend Imani and her agency because it’s needed, you won’t be able to grow your business at a proper rate or pace without Imani and her team! I always tell people, Imani gets it done! Although Imani helps with my business she also helps with family life as well. She has such a holistic approach and does check ins. The check ins are so important because Imani understands if I'm not okay, the business is not going to do well because I can’t show up as my best self. Now that Imani helps me in my business , I'm able to pour into my family because I have a lot more time.


CEO & Founder of Synergy Link

Kim Saira   /


Instagram Influencer & Somatic Healer & Coach 

Kim Saira

Imani has been an absolute game-changer for me on my entrepreneurship journey. Her expertise and guidance, especially in specific topics such as running a business and going through grief, have provided invaluable support in navigating the challenges and complexities of being a business owner. From helping tips to help me streamline my operations to providing strategic insights for hiring new team members, Imani has truly elevated my business to new heights. With her help, I've been able to optimize my time, enhance my client experiences, and achieve greater success. Imani DaCosta & Co has been essential in my journey, and I'm grateful for the transformative impact they've had on my business.

I highly recommend Imani and her team to other aspiring and new virtual assistants or business owners for trainings, masterclasses, the podcast and hangouts in Clubhouse. The support and resources available here are phenomenal. The trainings are top-notch, providing valuable insights and practical skills to level up your business. Plus, the sense of community is amazing. You'll connect with like-minded individuals who share experiences, offer guidance, and cheer each other on. It's a game-changer for professional growth and networking. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!



Virtual Assistant


The Imani DaCosta & Co. Community has helped me feel supported and encouraged along my Virtual Assistant journey. I would definitely recommend this community to other aspiring + new VAs, and I have! Imani isn't lying when she says she gives out gems for free! Her free clubhouse rooms are so supportive, allows community members to speak and ask questions, and she answers every question even if it's been asked before. She also values community over competition which is huge for me. We need more women supporting women!

Sarah Allee /


Virtual Assistant

Imani has helped me so much in my business. She has helped not only on the back-end parts of my business, like setting up systems and strategies, she's helped me change the mindset that I had around entrepreneurship.

Boundaries, time management, checking in with myself to ensure that I am enjoying my business, vs. just working for money! Love being part of her membership! I have already told so many people about this community.

Ambriell Dunlap /


Virtual Assistant

Sarah Allee

Imani gave us so much knowledge regarding systems, tools and workflows to automate our processes and work smarter in our businesses. She also gave us insight on hiring, and what it would look like to have a VA/OBM join our team so we can be better equipped to get the support we need when we’re ready. She gave us insight on things to do and not to do which I found super helpful. I loved her masterclass and grateful we got to learn from her!





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